EquityPlus is a privately-held investment and advisory firm focused on building value using federal and state tax credit investment programs.

EquityPlus was born out of repeated requests by project developers (both nonprofit and for-profit) for assistance in navigating the complex world of tax advantaged transactions. Founded in 2011 by Tim McCarty and Avram Fechter—each with a decade of experience in investment banking and/or real estate development services—the EquityPlus team works with both investors and project developers to structure, underwrite, close, develop, and manage tax advantaged development projects across the country. Tax credit and government-sponsored lending programs are great tools to reduce your project’s financing costs, but they can be complex and especially difficult to make work together. Let the experience of an EquityPlus advisor provide the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals.


Equity Plus closes 3 projects valued at $49M and receives notice of Southern Community Capital’s & Bremer CDE’s successful NMTC allocation awards.


Equity Plus closes 4 projects valued at $72M and receives notice of Jubilee Manna CDE’s successful NMTC allocation award.


Equity Plus closes 3 projects valued at $48M.


Equity Plus closes 7 NMTC projects with SCC seven months & closes over $166M in total.


Equity Plus closes its 2nd NMTC financing, Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital and writes its first successful NMTC allocation application for Southern Community Capital (SCC).


Equity Plus is founded.

Equity Plus closes its first NMTC financing, Resinall, Inc.


One University Place (JSU) closes second NMTC financing.


Avi & Tim close the first NMTC financing for One University Place (JSU).


Avi recognizes the option to utilize NMTC’s to revitalize community surrounding Jackson State University (JSU).